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Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

Vampire Live in Edwardianischen Zeiten

By Night Studios hat heute das Szenario Pickering Lythe für Vampire: The Masquerade veröffentlicht. 

Noble families with ancient lineages rule this gilded age. The vampires seek shelter in powerful mortal houses to endure the tumult of world-shaking events. It is whispered that this little community in Yorkshire contains a secret that dates back to the Roman occupation of Great Britain and the terror that chased them from these shores.

This complete setting provides all the background, special rules, NPCs, and information you’ll need to stage stylishly decadent LARPs in the spirit of Downton Abbey, The Woman in Black, Gosford Park, and The Forsyte Saga.

It contains everything that you need to prepare, manage, and run a complete MET:VTM story set in the Edwardian era. 
  • The plot and NPCs are presented in interlocking but discrete segments, allowing Storytellers to adapt them as needed to their own chronicles.
  • Contains information on how to create different types of plots for a variety of player tastes and interests.
  • Includes are many printable handouts, such as story seeds and character sheets.

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